Lines of Sight – bespoke tutorials, training and consultancy

Mindfulness training can hep people to improve their own and their team’s performance, whilst reducing stress. As we emerge from lockdown, many of us are addressing how to work with significant change to our work and home life. Lines of Sight offers bespoke packages including one-to-one, live on-line tutorials,  team training and consultancy.

Andrew McNeill, our founder, published ‘Organisational Mindfulness – a how to guide’ in 2019 and was the co-author of ‘Building the Case for Mindfulness in the Workplace’ (2017). He is the workplace policy lead and projects advisor for the Mindfulness Initiative (the charity that emerged from the work of the UK Parliament’s All Party Parliamentary Group on Mindfulness) and Co Director of BAMBA (the mindfulness industry’s accrediting body).

Following a law degree, Andrew worked in senior leadership for 20 years predominantly in project and programme management. Andrew has brought mindfulness into his senior leadership roles throughout central and local government, integrating mindfulness into the culture of major delivery programmes.

Andrew now specialises in bringing mindfulness to senior leaders and teams working in high intensity environments and embedding mindfulness in organisations.

Why Mindfulness?

Currently stress is the most common cause for long-term sickness absence in the UK, with 1 in 5 employees reporting that they feel ‘very’ or ‘extremely’ stressed at work; and the cost of stress-related absenteeism to UK Business currently at £35 billion every year.

One of the key components of stress is being overrun by thoughts, thoughts of the past or of the future, rather than paying attention to your immediate experience. In increasing body of research has documented how mindfulness builds the capacity to disengage from unhelpful thoughts and place attention where you choose.

This can not only improve you own and your team’s performance, it can reduce stress as well.

At Lines of Sight we offer tailored solutions that can help you, improve delivery, reduce stress and embed mindfulness in your organisation.